Prehliadka mesta D. Kubín

Monuments in Dolný Kubín

Historic cemetery

  • there are many famous people who lived in Dolný Kubín buried in this cemetery. (Janko Matúška, Theo Florin, Ladislav Nadáši – Jége…)

Church of st. Catherine Alexandry

– catholic church
– built in 70´s years of 19 century,
– gothic style
– the oldest monument in DK.

Čaplovič´s library

– slovak, european, world bundles of books
– more than 60 000 titles
– the oldest books are from 16th century

Florin´s birthhouse

Florin – poet, publicist, diplomat
– he lived there in 1953 – 1973
– nowadays used for cultural exhibitions

Hviezdoslav´s house

Hviezdoslav – the biggest poet in Slovakia
– he worked in this house

Jewish synagogue

– built in 1901
– during the 2. word war it was destroyed
– then there was the cinema but it was closed 3 years ago

Evangelic church

It was built in 1784. In 1893 big fire destroyed part of the town and also this church. It was rebuilt in 1894.

Orava gallery

Is settled in this building- it´s called Župný house. There you can visit 5 permanent exhibitions- like

Art of 15th-19th century

Slovak paintings of 20th century

Štefan Siváň- famous Orava woodcarver

And also some short-term exhibitions

Wooden bridge

There are only few wooden covered bridges in whole Europe (in Switzerland and France). It was built in 1994 and it connects old part of town and housing estate Bysterec. There are situated small shops with traditional Orava´s milk products along this bridge.


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