Videokonferencia- 18. 3. 2015

18. marca 2015 sme sa cez skype spojili s našimi partnermi v Egri a v Przemysli. Potešilo nás, že sme opäť videli našich priateľov, s ktorými sme sa stretli v novembri, porozprávali sme sa o projektových aktivitách, ktoré sme zrealizovali od posledného stretnutia, poľskí študenti nás oboznámili s programom blížiaceho sa stretnutia v Przemysli.

Aperture: 3.5Camera: NIKON D5100Iso: 400Orientation: 1
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Keďže my sme sa venovali najmä veternej energii, pripravili sme si pre nich krátke video z exkurzie vo veternej elektrárni


Najviac ich zaujal kvíz, úlohy ktorého riešili cez e-learning.
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TEXT and video:

Hi we ´re going to remind you something about solar energy.
Do you remember something about this energy from november?
Never mind we´ll tell you.
This energy is renewable, it means that we can get it again and again….
We get solar from sunshine.
It´s the most clen source of energy because it doen ´t produce rubbish.
What do we use to recieve solar energy?
We use solar panels and solar colectors.
Do you remember what the solar penel is?
Solar panels are devices that convert light into electricity. Electrons release when the sunshine lights on the solar panel.
What do we use solar panels for?
We use solar panels to make warm water and electricity. Then we can use it in our houses to warm up water for washing and cooking also water for the houses heating system.
If you remember we visited Paja ´s House and how many solar panels do they have and for what do they use it ?
They have four solar panels and they use it to warm up water, for washing and cooking and also for house heathing system.
Do you remember how many euros do they safe per a year ?
Panels save them about 300-380 Euros per a year
Do you know where will be solar panels used in future ?
It will be used as a fuel for cars.
Hve you heard about solar aeroplane ?
Ok probably not ….
This plane can show that flying transport can be more ecological in future. It was idea of swiss developeres . It uses only sun energy from solar panelsThe speed of this plane is 90kmph and it willbe flying 5 month to fly 36 – thousand kilometers. It took off from united arabian Emirates.
You can see it in this short video:

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